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✔ Generate and send your customers personalized recommendations.

✔ Analyze performance and measure engagement with your customers.

✔ Gain deep insights about your customers' preferences.

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Within only three months, 356 inactive customers who haven't placed a bid for years, re-engaged after opening Artbrain’s personalized email. Those customers placed bids by the total amount of $1,599,116.


Of the customers who placed bids over three months working with Artbrain were inactive customers who re-engaged. 

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Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President  /  RR Auctions

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Read our case studies to learn how Artbrain helps art and collectibles businesses. 

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"Our Open rate and Click-Through rate increased dramatically using Artbrain's features.."

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"Using Artbrain, we saw many familiar customers re-engaging and placing bids.."

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