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Activate Collectors, Onboard Consignors

Choose from numerous personalized outreach channels and grow your business.

Collector Engagement Tools

Engage, activate and retain collectors with AI-powered personalized marketing tools designed specifically for auctioneers and dealers of art & collectibles.

Advanced artificial intelligence reveals the items each of your collectors is most likely to bid on. Reach out with unique messages recommending specific items that cater precisely to each client’s profile and interests. Give key collectors a call with our auto-generated phone lists and discussion point suggestions.

The AI engine reveals the most relevant items for each collector. By recommending only what they will love, you create real interest that drives sales.

Sending personalized recommendations makes the most of every communication and respects your clients’ time. Offer only items they are mathematically likely to be interested in and buy. When collectors realize you hit the mark every time, engagement skyrockets, and so do sales.

Get ready for unprecedented ‘Open Rates’ and ‘Click Through Rates’ that keep on improving as your clients engage. Every click is recorded, every miss is refined for the next round.


Our outreach tools are proven to be extremely effective. Your collectors save time pouring over lengthy catalogs. You focus on items requiring the most effort.

Our unique methods were crafted by design and cognitive experts. Field tested and proven to reactivate dormant bidders instantly.

As your collectors react and catalogs evolve, the AI engine will learn and refine it’s recommendations, driving bids, sales and the growth cycle.

Artbrain provides value at every stage of your customer’s lifecycle, whether they are a first-time buyer, returning bidder, or inactive client.

Personalized Marketing Tools

Artbrain’s outreach tools help you send unique personal offers to potential sellers. Showing consignors you know exactly what they have makes it personal and generates real interest in their items' worth. They will be happy to submit their valuable assets for review.

Artbrain’s AI keeps track of communications so you don't have to. Consistent and personalized outreach will nurture your client relationships and grow your business.

Instantly uncover what each collector owns and focus on curating your next catalog.

Consignment Sourcing Tools

Actions reveal interests. Revolutionary technology continuously predicts which items consignors own. Enrich your offering with extraordinary items while providing value to consignors.

Developing consignor trust requires meaningful communication, every time. With Artbrain you can quickly reveal which clients have items relevant to your next sales. Personally tailored messages, generated by the system, help you source items with confidence.
Paired with our upcoming Market Trend & Evaluation tool, you are set up for growth.

Unprecedented ownership mapping swiftly puts your business at the front of the line to onboard items exclusively.

Understanding your clients’ interests is at the core of your business. Show them you know what they love, and help them keep track of their collection’s worth.

​Consignment Sourcing Tools

Artbrain LABS

Your business is to know what your clients need.
Our business is to know what you need.
At Artbrain Labs we develop the future tools of the art & collectibles industry.

Tools we’re developing:

New Customer Acquisition

Onboard countless new customers from around the globe with personalized social-media campaigns.

Our state-of-the-art algorithms and unprecedented database allow us to target potential collectors online more effectively than anyone else. Using Artbrain you will quickly generate individually customized social campaigns, across multiple social networks, that present viable prospects with precisely the items they will love.

With personalized advertisement you extract the highest value from every cent spent.

Auctions are online and buyers are everywhere. With Artbrain’s unique profiling tools your business can grow global.


Personalized ads deliver more quality leads than generic ones. There’s no reason your business shouldn’t capitalize on technology that delivers.

Every item presented to a prospect carries your dealership’s brand. Because ads are individually personalized, prospects understand that your business caters exactly to their interests.

Every action, even no-action, refines what our AI engine knows and improves the next cycle.


Gain insider access to cross industry data analysis that will put you ahead of the competition. Knowing which artist is trending or what items are changing value you can curate your catalogs for premier success.

Deliver unprecedented value to your consignors with validated insider knowledge on the market.

Trends & Price Prediction

Discover the hidden trends in art & collectibles, refine your consignment strategy and curate perfect catalogs.

With Artbrain’s unique technology you can unveil the upcoming artists, items and category trends before the competition. Use our data-driven price predictor to understand how much buyers are willing to pay and who they are.

Promoting catalogs that are curated based on data-driven insights to fit the current market demand will focus the resources of your company into what will sell.

By discovering the ideal buyers for each item, you can focus efforts for optimal impact.

When what you are selling matches what collectors want, competing bids drive prices up for exceptional sales.

Customer Base Expansion
Trends & Price Prediction

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