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Within three months of using Artbrain’s service


Reactivated customers within three months of using Artbrain’s service.


Average email open rate.


Bids placed by reactivated customers within the first three months.


Click rate by inactive customers.

"Artbrain delivered what they promised.
We know how important it is to focus on customer loyalty at least as much as on customer acquisition. Using Artbrain, we saw many familiar customers that had been inactive for a long time, suddenly re-engaging and placing bids."

Bobby Livingston

Executive Vice President, RR Auctions

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With over 460,000 items sold over the past 42 years, RR Auctions has become an industry leader in Rare and Remarkable collectibles.

Over that same time period, they have accumulated a large customer base, including information about their customer's bidding history.

Unfortunately, 80% of those customers grew inactive and hadn’t placed a bid for years. RR knew the importance of customer loyalty and therefore understood the potential of re-engaging inactive customers.

However, this was not an easy task to accomplish; those customers were inactive for a reason. The quality and variety of items offered in today's collectibles market has led to an upturn in customer expectations, which in turn sparked even fiercer competition for customers’ attention.


With so many unique items available on the market, RR sought to find the only the most relevant items for each of their inactive customers, in order to ensure their emails were opened. With a database of hundreds of thousands of clients, the task of predicting each person’s individual collecting tastes and assuring they received personal recommendations before each auction was impossible. RR sought out a way to automate this complicated and lengthy process.

RR needed a tool capable of analyzing all the information they had accumulated on their customers over the years; that was then able to identify and predict individual interests and provide personal recommendations of items in order to re-engage inactive customers previously believed to have been lost.


RR employed Artbrain’s technology to analyze their customer database and provide each customer with personal recommendations, offering relevant items, according to each customer’s preferences.

Instead of sending the same generic email to thousands of customers, they are now sending thousands of different emails, personally tailored to each customer.


→ The results were impressive. Within only three months, 356 inactive customers who hadn’t placed a bid for years re-engaged after opening RR’s personalized emails and placed bids amounting to a total of $1,559,116.

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