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Our Commitment through COVID-19

Artbrain is committed to supporting our employees and customers as we all work to carry on through the coronavirus health crisis. 



To our customers - 

Artbrain team is right there with you. We support our existing customers by several steps taken over the past few weeks to help our clients during this time with monthly payments and by crafting ‘out of the box’ solutions that can assist our customers during these times.  While we don’t have all the answers, we are dedicated to sharing useful and relevant resources to help our customers through the days ahead.

To our team - 

Since March 5th, the company employees a work-from-home model to keep them healthy, safe, and close to their families. During this time, we maintain company updates on a bi-weekly basis to maintain communication between the different teams in the company, using tools and methods to maintain business sustainability and effectiveness. We also keep looking for brilliant and creative minds to join our team.

To our community -

Community is strength, now more than ever. It is imperative that we stand with the most vulnerable businesses that are committed to making the art world more diverse and accessible.  That is why we are offering non-profit galleries and art organizations to use our technology free of charge while we overcome this crisis, so you can keep up the good work long after this period is over. Click here to request more information.






Statue with Mask

​Our main role as a company in the art and collectibles market is to come up with relevant solutions that can assist art galleries and auction houses during these times, such as promoting relevant consignment campaigns and private sales. Have a look at the different solutions we offer. Our team is committed to working with our customers who are experiencing financial challenges, and together we will come up with best practices to maintain growth in this pandemic period. 

While the scale of impact is still unknown, we’ll continue prioritizing the health and safety of our team so we can keep providing professional service to our current customers. We invest time and effort in figuring out ways we can help our customers both now and in the long term. 

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