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Connect Collectors
with the
They Love

AI technology for auction houses and dealers to enhance their businesses. 
Driving Sales, Sourcing Consignments.

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How does it work?


Sync Your Data

Collect and upload all your historic customer data to Artbrain.
Bids, underbids, purchases, consignments and more.

Artbrain customer profile view


Match with AI

Match each collector’s unique interest profile with recommended items they are most likely to bid on.


Find consignors who own items you seek.


Connect & Grow

Reach out with personalized communications proven to boost engagement and grow your active client base.

Artbrain help you grow your business

Newly collected data is fed back to Artbrain which learns and refines your outreach.

Automated and effective.

Ready to Drive Sales, Source Consignments & Grow Your Business?

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Within only three months, 356 inactive customers who haven't placed a bid for years, re-engaged after opening Artbrain’s personalized email. Those customers placed bids by the total amount of $1,599,116".

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Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President  /  RR Auctions

Trusted by global industry leaders
Activate Collectors,
Onboard Consignors

Choose from numerous personalized
outreach tools and grow your business

Tools for Growth

Collector Engagement Tools

Engage, activate and retain collectors with AI-powered personalized marketing tools designed specifically for auctioneers and dealers of art & collectibles.

Generate Interest
Save Time
Solidify Trust, Increase Retention
Reactivate Dormant Bidders
Increase Engagements
Track and Adapt
Artbrain match collectors with the items they love
Artbrain helps you reach consignors

Consignment Sourcing Tools

Actions reveal interests. Revolutionary technology continuously predicts which items consignors own. Enrich your offering with extraordinary items while providing value to consignors.

Personal Connection
Develop Long Term Relationships
Develop Trust
Save Time
Beat The Competition

Artbrain LABS

Your business is to know what your clients need.
Our business is to know what you need.

At Artbrain Labs we develop the future tools of the art & collectibles industry:

New Customer Acquisition

Onboard countless new customers from around the globe with personalized social-media campaigns.

High Value ROI
Top Conversion
Unlock New Markets
Precision Brand Awareness
Exponential Improvement
reach new collectors through social media
Discover hidden trends in the collectibles industry

Trends &  Price Prediction

Discover the hidden trends in art & collectibles, refine your consignment strategy and curate perfect catalogs.

Priceless Intelligence
Focus Your Business
Curate Consignors
Reduce Uncertainty
Increase Bids, Drive Sales
Case Studies
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