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New Orleans, LA, United States

Neal Auction Company


Fine Art | Antiques


Email Marketing


After only two Artbrain Campaigns


Successful matches created between clients and items.


Customers were reactivated after receiving Artbrain campaigns, that were previously inactive for over 12 months.

$131, 450

In winning bids on items recommended by Artbrain.


Made in winning bids only from these previously inactive customers.

"The results began to show straight away - after only two Artbrain campaigns, our bidding rate at auction has grown incredibly. This is a technology that every auction house should be using in 2021."

Michelle Leckert

President, Neal Auction Company

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New Orleans’ oldest and most respected auction house, dealing in Fine Arts, Antiques and Decorative Arts. They have an accomplished history of setting record prices for everything from paintings and prints to porcelain and silver.


Aware of the fact that they were only reaching a fraction of their customers, Neal’s were searching for a way to reach more of their customers before each sale in order to drive more bids. Taking pride in their close and personal relationships with their clients, Neal’s were already doing the matchmaking process manually, but they were looking for a more efficient way to do this.


Using Artbrain’s uniques technology, Neal’s pre-sale marketing, i.e. emails sent out to clients, became much more personalized. They were able to source the right items to recommend to each customer, which had an instant positive impact on their bidding rates since this brought back many inactive customers.

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