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Within only three months, 356 inactive customers who haven't placed a bid for years, re-engaged after opening Artbrain’s personalized email. Those customers placed bids by the total amount of $1,599,116.


Of the customers who placed bids over three months working with Artbrain were inactive customers who re-engaged. 

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Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President  /  RR Auctions

Case Studies

Read our case studies to learn how Artbrain helps art and collectibles businesses. 

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"Our Open rate and Click-Through rate increased dramatically using Artbrain's features.."

Re-engage Inactive Customers

"Using Artbrain, we saw many familiar customers re-engaging and placing bids.."

Drive New Revenue Streams

 "After only two campaigns, our bidding rate at auction has grown incredibly." 

Win You Customers' Attention

"We need to stand out and grab their attention, Artbrain has proven to be the most effective way to do that."

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