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Match collectors with the items they love

Artbrain's AI technology helps auction houses and dealers grow their business  

Grow your business and build better customer relationships
why atbrain

Accelerate business growth 

Artbrains' technology analyzes customers' behavior to discover the most relevant matches between your customer base and available items. Based on the discovered matches, we deliver personal recommendations that magnify your business growth.


Deliver a personalized customer experience

Artbrain creates a tailored customer experience across all communication channels, including - emails, social media, printed assets, and many more. Our technology produces high loyalty among your active customers, re-engages inactive customers, and reaches new audiences.

Easily integrate and scale up 

Artbrain makes it easy for you to seamlessly integrate, using an intuitive platform designed according to your specific needs. Our support team of experts is here to answer all your questions and make sure you get the most out of Artbrain.

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Within only three months, 356 inactive customers who haven't placed a bid for years, re-engaged after opening Artbrain’s personalized email. Those customers placed bids by the total amount of $1,599,116.


Of the customers who placed bids over three months working with Artbrain were inactive customers who re-engaged. 

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Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President  /  RR Auctions

Trusted by global industry leaders
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Our solutions

Use Artbrain's technology to create personalized campaigns
across any channel you choose.

our solutions

Personalized email marketing

Artbrain is a game-changer for those who aspire to increase customer engagement.

Using Artbrain's AI technology, you can send tailored emails to each customer, offering only items relevant to them. Deliver an optimal customer experience and strengthen your customer's engagement. 



Acquiring new customers just got simpler using Artbrain.

Our technology identifies potential customers for your business and produces tailored social campaigns that display each prospect only the items they love. Artbrain helps you convert prospects into revenue-generating customers and enrich your customer base. 


Printed catalogs 

You will be surprised to find out which of your customers actually benefit from your printed catalogs.  

Artbrain’s technology determines the exact number of catalogs you need to print and provides a precise mailing list. We create a win-win situation where no relevant customer misses their catalog and you invest wisely.


Personalized calls

We know your time is valuable; Let us help you use it wisely.

Use Artbrain technology to generate a list of customers to call before any auction or exhibition. Each list brings out the items that are most relevant per collector, making sure your customers get quick and easy access to the items they are most likely to purchase.    

Consignments campaigns

We create tailored emails to approach potential sellers personally. 

Let Artbrain find customers who own items you are interested in selling and be the first to get those items for your next auction.

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