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Paris, France



Fine Art


Email Marketing


Within the first 60 days of Use


Successful matches created between clients and items.


Customers were reactivated after receiving Artbrain campaigns, that were previously inactive for over 12 months.


In winning bids on items recommended by Artbrain.


Made in winning bids only from these previously inactive customers.

"I believe that Artbrain will have a strong impact on our sales in 2021 and beyond. I really cannot imagine working without it again. In today’s world, it just doesn't make sense to not be using personalization wherever we can."

Romain Monteaux-Sarmiento

Director of Marketing & Communications, Tajan

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Tajan is one the largest and most respected Fine Art auction houses in France, with over 60 sales annually. They pride themselves in their significant global presence due to their online auctions, keeping them one of the most dynamic players in the online art market.


As a large auction house, with hundreds of thousands of clients, Tajan found that reaching each one in a personal way was quite difficult. They also have many auctions a month, so Tajan needed a way to make sure they were not missing an opportunity to connect with each and every client that could be a potential buyer before each sale.


Artbrain’s platform was the solution they were looking for to deliver highly accurate communication to their clients. Artbrain’s campaigns made it extremely easy for Tajan to identify their clients’ collecting patterns, allowing them to fine-tune their recommendations, communicating the most relevant and precise information to each client before sales. This had a direct positive effect on sales.

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