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New Jersey, USA



Sports Memorabilia


Personalized Marketing



Successful matches created between collectors and items in the first 10 months


In winning bids from collectors reactivated by Artbrain within the first 10 months


Collectors reactivated by Artbrain campaigns within the first 30 days. They were previously inactive for over 12 months


Increase in the start-to-sold price ratio within a year

“Lelands has a diverse clientele, each with a particular interest in the sports memorabilia hobby. Artbrain helps us generate personalized recommendations that help our clients find the items they want, leading to an increase in the number and quality of bids that we receive. We are also delighted by the amount of previously dormant clients who are now actively engaged in our auctions!”

Gary Marmer

Director of Marketing

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Established in 1985, Lelands is the world’s first sports memorabilia and card auction house, and the premier appraisers and authenticators in the entire sports hobby. Its founder, the late Josh Leland Evans, was a pioneer in the field and acknowledged by his peers as the most knowledgeable figure in sports memorabilia. Renowned in his own right, Evans’s long-time partner Michael Heffner continues Lelands’ four decade tradition of personal customer service and maximizing results for clients. 

Lelands has handled many of the largest landmark auctions, achieving world-record prices for countless cards and iconic memorabilia including a Tom Brady rookie card ($3.1 million), Babe Ruth's 1927 Yankees World Series ring ($2.09 million), Ruth’s 1919 "Curse of the Bambino" signed contract ($2.3 million), and a 1920 Ruth Yankees jersey ($4.5 million)

Lelands’ unprecedented depth of knowledge is matched by their highly technological approach that has enabled collectors from around the globe to access Lelands’ online auctions directly.


As Covid-19 erupted globally, Lelands recognized the growing appreciation for modern sports cards, not only as collector's items but also as alternative investment assets. 

The auction house wished to take full advantage of this paradigm shift and leverage over 4 decades' worth of invaluable bid and purchase data on the sports collectibles market


Using Artbrains proprietary AI engine, Lelands could automatically match each of their collectors’ individual interests with the right cards from their catalog.

Then, using Arbrain’s personalized marketing platform, the auction house sent their collectors sharply branded and tracked campaigns in a format proven to drive bids and grow sales.


→ Lelands has enjoyed an astounding 174% increase in start-to-sold price ratio while working with Artbrain.

→ Lelands’ specialists gain insight into which item each collector is mathematically likely to bid on. By sending out spot-on personal recommendations, they can attract more bids and increase revenues.

→ In the first 30 days alone, $1.4M worth of bids were placed by collectors who had not engaged with Lelands for over 12 months. These reactivated collectors accounted for ~9.5% of the first month’s total bids.

→ Within 10 months, reactivated collectors had placed bids of over $9M and purchased items amounting to over $806K.

→ In total, after just 10 months, 1,603 successful AI matches between collectors and sports cards drove bids worth $7.17M.

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