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Fine Art


Email Marketing


Within the first 90 Days


Successful matches created between clients
and items


Customers were reactivated after receiving Artbrain campaigns, that were previously inactive for over 12 months


In winning bids on items recommended by


Made in winning bids only from these previously inactive customers.

"We are finally able to reach all of our clients and interact with them personally. Artbrain has made this difficult task possible - simply by helping us make use of our data that was just sitting there, our bidding rate at auction has grown drastically".

Andrea Cremascoli

Director of Web &
Digital, Finarte

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Finarte is one of the most prestigious auction houses in Italy. Founded in 1959, they are now a significant leader in the Italian and international art market. They are also one of the earliest adopters of online auctions, having begun online sales in 2000. With offices both in Milan and Rome, they are expanding their clientele, reaching a wider audience all over the world, thanks to the digital approach that the auction house is implementing since 2016.


Finarte was looking for a way to ensure that their collectors did not miss a single item that they would be interested in. With a large database of clients from multiple departments, Finarte found it hard to cater to each clients’ taste and collecting needs. They wanted their pre-sale marketing to be precise and personal, so that their client’s would only be notified on what was truly relevant to them.


Artbrain’s campaigns made it extremely easy for Finarte to identify their clients’ collecting patterns, and communicate only the most relevant lots and sales to each client personally. Finarte’s sales grew dramatically due to personalized outreach and re-activation of clients that had not been bidding regularly for 12 months or more.

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