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Great Britain



Fine Art, Jewelry, and Furniture



Personalized Marketing



YoY growth in the number of bidders per item with 12 months of using Artbrain


In winning bids from collectors reactivated by Artbrain within the first 120 days, representing ~7% of all winning bids


Collectors reactivated by Artbrain campaigns in the first 120 days after being inactive for over 12 months.


In total bids by collectors who received Artbrain’s recommendations within the first 120 days.

"Artbrain has become a much-valued technology for us.
We wouldn’t be able to cater to our clients with the same precision without it.

The platform analyze and learns collectors’ behiovioers and automatically connects them with items they love; Impossible to do manually for the number of clients we have.

We are finally able to reach all of our clients with a few clicks-of-a-button and as a result our bidding rate has been increasingly growing"

Guy Schooling



Operating since 1782, Sworders is one of the longest-established fine art auction houses in the UK, now conducting over 45 auctions each year. Specialist categories include British and European Paintings, Asian Art, Jewellery, Watches, Furniture, Silver, 20th Century Design, and Modern and Contemporary Art. They have offices and auction rooms all over the UK, including in Stansted, Hertford, and London.


Sworders prides itself in its unique approach, which combines exceptional personal advice with innovative, thoughtful marketing and a deep understanding of the world of art and antiques. Though based in London, Sworder’s operates internationally, providing valuation and auction services worldwide, so ensuring their client's works are seen, desired, and purchased by the largest art markets worldwide was a top priority for them. Likewise, ensuring that their buyers and bidders don’t miss out on a desirable item was also of utmost importance. Unwilling to sacrifice their diligent and personalized expertise due to their ever-growing reach, Sworder’s sought a way to personalize automatically and thoughtfully.


Artbrain’s AI-powered personalization engine was exactly what they were looking for. Sworders were able to fine-tune its marketing to bring back inactive collectors who hadn’t placed a single bid for over 12 months. Artbrain’s machine learning algorithms were capable of predicting each collector’s unique preferences by analyzing their past behaviors and were then able to curate a list of recommendations tailored to each individual’s taste. The customizable match-making system allowed high-percentage matches to receive recommendations,  ensuring that Sworder’s clients received only the highest quality marketing and only items relevant to their collecting tastes. Artbrain’s effect on Sworder’s bidding rate and sales at auction was impactful and instant.


→ Within the first year of working with Artbrain, the average number of bidders per item increased by 30%, directly influencing final hammer prices.


→ Artbrain created 288 successful matches between collectors and items within the first 120 days, predictions that are unique to Artbrain’s AI algorithm.


→ Within one year of using Artbrain, the average lot hammer price grew by 15%

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