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Auction Details

For the first sale in the 1/Xrt series, Forum Auctions and Artbrain present a curated Eponym collection by ART AI  in an unprecedented off-chain NFT auction. Designed to suit NFT enthusiasts, as well as those testing blockchain for the first time, one and all are invited.

Besides being the first NFT auction by an exclusively UK auction house, this auction showcases digital art created by artists interacting with artificial intelligence. Eponyms are works of art created using a text-to-art generator developed by ART AI that facilitates artists to create their own art based on a text of their choice.

Selected Artworks on Auction
Online Event

Join us for the auction's launching event with some of the world's NFT experts and artists. Attend a live online educational workshop to learn about NFTs and the digital art industry. Take part in a Q&A session with NFT experts, meet the curators of the digital art on offer, and hear from leading NFT creators about their perspectives on the NFT.

Agenda | 19.01

6:00 - 6:20

to NFTs

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Stephan Ludwig
Founder and CEO of Forum Auctions

תמונה אשר.jpg

Asher Ben Saadon
Co-Founder and CEO
of Artbrain 


6:20 - 6:40

Meet The


Ben Kovalis
Co-Founder of Eponym


6:40 - 7:20

Meet The
Digital Artists 

Melissa Burr .jpeg

Melissa Burr 
Pro poker player &
NFT expert

Claire Silver.jpeg

Claire Silver 
Artist, Artnet's NFT
30 Report

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About 1/Xrt

Artbrain continues to integrate disruptive technology into the world of art & collectables.
1/Xrt is a series of curated auctions in collaboration with some of the world’s leading auction houses and digital art curators.


We unlock the expanding universe of NFT art and unveil the ins- and outs of crypto art transactions. Under our guidance, both seasoned and first-time collectors will be able to confidently navigate the conceptual and technical unknowns that have thus far constrained acceptance of NFT digital art beyond a small community of early investors.

How to get started?

How can
I buy NFTs?

First, you need to have a digital wallet - learn more about digital wallets here and how to set up a MetaMask wallet. To participate in one of our auctions you don’t have to own ETH or other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You can settle transactions in his first auction with GBP or USD.


However, to buy NFTs from other sources you’ll almost always need to own ETH or other cryptocurrencies.

Don’t worry. If you participate in one of our auctions, we can help you set up your wallet and guide you through the process.
Contact us at:

This is actually quite simple. Your crypto wallet is exclusive to you and the security around accessing it is uniquely safe. Never share your private key address with anyone or the seed phrase you received when opening your account.

To learn more about public and private keys, read this article, and to know more about seed phrases read this article.

How do I keep my NFTs safe?

How can
I use NFTs?

NFTs are saved on the blockchain and can be accessed through your wallet. When you buy an NFT you get exclusive ownership of this particular digital asset, though anyone else can still see it and share it.

If you want to display your NFT we recommend Rainbow which enables you to view and display your NFTs on your mobile phone.
 There are also many other display options ranging from TV monitors, Led screens, printing a physical copy and more.

View this article to learn more:

Properly display your NFT art

How to display your NFT collection?

How can I sell
my NFTs?

There are many different marketplaces where you can choose to sell your NFTs, or you can sell them through a future auction as a secondary market transaction.

In order to sell your NFTs with opensea, the biggest NFT marketplace, you’ll need to open an account first and connect your wallet following these instructions. Then, you can follow these selling instructions to list your NFT for sale.


Check out this list to familiarize yourself with the leading marketplaces for NFTs.

Non-Fungible Whats? 

  • What is an NFT?
    Non-fungible token. NFTs is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items like art, video clips, music, and more. Every NFT has a unique token on the blockchain; the blockchain technology is used to establish proof of ownership and identify the file as the original.
  • Can I buy NFTs without owning cryptocurrencies?
    Yes. There are different platforms to do that, and all the auction houses accept payment using Fiat.
  • How to keep my NFTs safe?
    Don’t share your seed phrase or private key with anyone. EVER.
  • What is a wallet and how to install one?
    Wallets allow users to directly engage with the blockchain to make transactions. There are different types of wallets (coinbase or metamask are recommended) and wallets can contain different types of coins. Read this article to learn more about what a bitcoin wallet is.
  • Can you help me set up a wallet to receive the NFT?
    Of course! After completing a purchase at one of our auctions, one of our reps will assist you in opening a wallet to store your NFTs. Contact us at:
  • What’s the connection between NFTs and cryptocurrency?
    NFTs aren’t cryptocurrencies, but they are built using technology similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Also, like cryptocurrencies, NFTs exist on a blockchain which verifies their unique identity and ownership. The blockchain also keeps a record of all the transactions connected to the NFT and the property it represents. Many NFTs are held on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • What are GAS Fees?
    The fee that is paid in order to make sure that the registration of an action is completed. This is the price for the energy it takes to complete the transaction on Ethereum. Two things determine the price of gas: how quickly you want the transaction to be completed and how busy the network is at the time of your transaction. If gas prices are too high, you can wait until gas goes down in price. Read this article to learn more about fees.
  • What do you actually get when you buy an NFT?
    You’re paying for a token that represents a unique item. In other words, you’re paying for an extremely small digital record that is sent to your address on the blockchain (to your wallet). Having ownership of this token means you can prove that you own a specific item and that the item you own is authentic.
  • What are Eponyms?
    Eponyms are works of art created using a text-to-art generator developed by ART AI that allows artists to create their own art based on their text of choice and mint it as an NFT. EpoStories are stacks of multiple Eponyms (name + generated image) that reside on one token that collectors can browse through. If you own an EpoStory, you own commercial rights for all of the different layers of it.
  • How are Epostories created?
    To generate an Eponym, artists entered a text prompt as the title of an artwork, and the AI created an art piece to match the title. Artists could either re-generate a new design for their text or mint the resulting piece. EpoStories are stacks of multiple Eponyms (name + generated image) that reside on one token that collectors can browse through.

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A series of curated digital art auctions for collectors and investors. 

Seize the opportunity of NFT art.

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